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Mail list for Akraino Feature Project discussions. Akraino mail lists with common topics and high volume traffic utilize hashtags, including featureprojects@lists.akraino.org. Messages to this mail list will require the use of one of the available hashtags (see below).

Hashtag Use:
  • You “tag” a message with a hashtag by including it somewhere in the subject line of the message, preferably at the end of the subject. Example: More information on hashtag use #general. 
  • A hashtag has an effect only if placed on the first message in a topic, and will be applied to all messages within the topic. 
  • Hashtags have several uses within groups.io, including searching and controlling certain behaviors of topics and messages.
    • Searching: Hashtags can be searched on to easily find all messages tagged with it. If a group uses a hashtag called #intro for new member introductions, for example, then clicking on it in the hashtag list will produce all messages in which new group members have introduced themselves.
    • Muting: Group members who read their messages via email can click on “Mute” for any hashtag at the bottom of the email to stop receiving messages tagged with that hashtag. 
    • Feature Project owners can request additional creation of hashtags for use by emailing the Akraino Program Manager.
 featureprojects@lists.akraino.org Hashtags Available:

Mail List Topic Mail List Hashtag
General Comments/Questions featureprojects@lists.akraino.org #general
Akraino Portal Feature Project featureprojects@lists.akraino.org #akrainoportal
Cluster Health & Overload Monitoring Platform (CHOMP) featureprojects@lists.akraino.org #chomp
Support of OVS-DPDK in Airship featureprojects@lists.akraino.org #ovsdpdk
Blueprint Validation featureprojects@lists.akraino.org #validation
Kontour Project featureprojects@lists.akraino.org #kontour

See more details on Groups.io hashtags here.

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