Re: Akraino Charter

Pasi Vaananen

On 09/04/2018 12:49 PM, Srini wrote:

Hi Akraino TSC,


In the last developer conference, TSC has taken an AI to come out with the Akraino charter definition.

Much of the discussion on last developer conference is mostly about blueprints, except for one break-out session.


In regional orchestration, Edge API and AI breakout session, we talked about the need for them and the consensus is that Akraino project is the right place to develop them. 

It is not clear at all whether Akraino is the right owner for the APIs or not --- many other projects and communities are working on addressing the pieces of this rather large & diverse puzzle (ONAP, CNCF/k8s, various projects in OPNFV & OpenStack, etc. etc.), and IMHO, the last think that we need is more duplication for the ongoing efforts which would result in even more fragmentation of the landscape.

So, whenever possible, optimally Akraino would pull from upstreams like OPNFV does and identify/address the gaps. Obviously in the cases where there is nothing (or existing approaches are deemed unsuitable / unfixable after careful consideration), Akraino could be in good position to resolve.

I am saying the above, as ownership of the APIs does and should belong to the projects implementing them, not something like Akraino. If it is identifying, selecting and requesting additions / modifications, or Akraino hosted development projects, then that would be ok. Blueprint for the infrastructure is expected to make some selections for the projects that go in, so that implicitly makes some picks on the APIs as well - but that would not make Akraino "developer" for such cases, more like Endorser / selector.

That said, there is very much confusion between the ONAP edge as well as Akraino (on both sides) on who is going to do what and when which should get resolved sooner rather than later, as the context of the comment was "regional orchestration".


In one of the Kandan’s presentation, it was clear that Akraino is not only for developing blueprints for various use cases, but is also a home for Edge related open source projects for the functionality where there is a gap in the open source community. Please consider making the Akraino charter clear on the aspect of development projects to avoid any confusion.







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