locked regional controller installation ldap error



I want to set up one edge cloud using Akraino project. I am working on the first step now (installing the regional controller node). As my regional controller is not Dell R740 so i cannot use Akraino provided tools script to automatically provision and deploy it. I directly install Ubuntu 16.04 and Docker in this server and use region script (https://nexus.akraino.org/service/local/repositories/snapshots/content/org/akraino/regional_controller/regional_controller/1.0.0-SNAPSHOT/regional_controller-1.0.0-20180809.150544-11.tgz) to install all other necessary software. I got attached errors during installation. Anyone has some knowledge about this?

And as general question, is that possible to deploy edge cloud for non Dell R740 servers?

Br. Max

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