locked Re: regional controller installation ldap error


Hi Max:


Looking at the logs, it appears you have connectivity issues to your LDAP server.

Please note your LDAP server IP and that of the Regional Controller should be

the same. Please run the command below:

docker exec akraino-ldap /bin/bash -c "ldapadd -v -h $IP:10389 -c -x -D uid=admin,ou=system -w secret -f /bootstrap/conf/akrainousers.ldif"
and for $IP please assign regional server IP address. Please share logs.

For your reference, I have attached the logs from the successful run using the same region script that you have used.


For your other question, we are working to provide scripts to support non Dell R740 serves, such as HP Gen 10 and will share with the community

when our develop and testing is complete.


Best Regards,


Deepak Kataria



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