Akraino Mail Lists Update - ACTION REQUIRED

Jacqueline Z Cardoso

Akraino Community,

In order to facilitate future discussions in clearly delineated forums utilizing open source project best practices we have made changes to the mail lists available for this community. Please review below the lists available and ensure you subscribe to the lists you are interested in by adding yourself to the applicable subgroups.

  • Subgroups Available:
    • [new] tsc@... 
      • To be used for top-level technical/governance discussions, TSC agendas/minutes, etc. Open to everyone, not only to TSC members.
      • To be used for general technical discussion and questions. 

The main@... list will remain available but we recommend using this list extremely sparingly, for top-level milestone or critical announcements as the messages will hit all subscribers of all subgroups. 

As the Akraino project grows and scales we can certainly add additional lists but we’d like to first establish a proper foundation and thoughtfully build from there. 

If you have any questions, please reach out. 

Thank you,


Jacqueline Serafin
Program Manager
The Linux Foundation
+1 (415) 676-1127 (m)

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