Re: Use cases and Blueprints

Andrew Wilkinson


I wouldn’t see a Test definition (3) as a ‘blueprint’.


Nor would I see specific functional components (2) developed by the Akraino community as ‘blueprints’ either.


I think using the term blueprint for everything tends to make the term too broad. The term blueprint in common parlance is taken to mean the definition of how to build something (e.g. a building – a house or a shed etc). I could of course be expanded to encompass more (like a test blueprint) but would suggest we keep Akraino blueprints to be more specific and not include  functionality or test schedules.


Rather I propose a blueprint be used to classify a set of options that cab result in distinct POD deployments. The term ‘Network Clod blueprint’ would be used as such.



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I thought in email folks were ok with the following types of blueprint:
1. Architecture
2. components (Physical/virtual) supporting a specific 'use case'
3. Test

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