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Looks like the main@ list is rejecting new topics now. I guess the intention is moving all these to:





Right now, these new groups have very few subscribers. You will need to go to to sign up. It appears NOT automatic.


In any case, my intended email thread was: (Apologies for skirting rules here – since the new groups aren’t adequately up running with subscribers yet.)



For folks going to ONS-EU Amsterdam Sept 25-27.


I have created a new Unconference session: “Edge Stack Discussion for Cloud Edge and IoT”.

It’s a good opportunity to bring together people from several open source projects working in the edge space during ONS. I’d love to see you all join this session.


Add your names to:






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We (TSC) are putting together a draft with all the terminologies this community to use and a process around it. As we promised in the yesterday’s community call, we will review the draft on next Thursday 11 ET @ community call. The intent is to baseline the version by this month end with TSC approval.

I encourage everyone in the community to join next community call to participate in the discussion.




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I may have missed some threads, but I thought we were discussing

1)     Integration Blueprints (architecture)

2)     Functional Blueprints  (components)


I agree with some of the other comments that we risk spreading or diluting the definition of Blueprint to broadly and it can be very confusing.

I support the idea that blueprints are pretty specific, not just defining components that are integrated, but how they are intended to be used and deployed.

I’m not sure this would apply to an individual component (or functional) blueprint.




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I thought in email folks were ok with the following types of blueprint:
1. Architecture
2. components (Physical/virtual) supporting a specific 'use case'
3. Test

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