Akraino TSC Elections 2022-2023

Kendall Waters Perez

Hello everyone,

As you have probably heard the Akraino TSC elections are coming up.  All Akraino Community Active Contributors are eligible to vote, but they must self register on this page by September 9, 2022. The basic requirement to be considered an Active Contributor is that you have made "twenty (20) or more measurable contributions as assessed by the TSC during the previous 12-month period, inclusive of code merged, code reviews performed, wiki page edits, or JIRA activities.”  

Active Contributors are the backbone of Akraino, so please help us out by registering and then voting for the TSC.  To make it a little easier to determine if you are eligible, I have attached a spreadsheet that covers activity from the past year.
If you want to be on the TSC, there is a column to self nominate for this.  There are a couple of rules around being a member of the TSC and they are covered here (section 4.4.2).  But we can have up to 20 members on the TSC.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kendall Waters Perez
Senior Project Coordinator | Magma, LF Edge, & FINOS
The Linux Foundation
+1 (469) 585-5165

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