ONS NA 2019 Un-Conference - Leverage OPNFV Test Frameworks

Trevor Cooper

Please note this un-conference discussion on Fri 4/5 15:10


Short Description:  Explore opportunities for your LFN project to accelerate development of test frameworks, tools and methods through collaboration with OPNFV.


Detailed Description: OPNFV has developed significant functional and performance test assets including frameworks, tools, methods, test cases and test data. For an overview of the OPNFV Test Ecosystem refer to https://docs.opnfv.org/en/stable-gambia/testing/ecosystem/overview.html. The significant investments in OPNFV test projects and related activities could be leveraged by other  LFN projects that require testing of integrated upstream ingredients and platforms. This discussion is to brainstorm about how to reuse existing work and artifacts so that we do not reinvent proverbial wheels in this arena. All ideas and input are welcome!




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