Re: Topics to facilitate identification for releases

Andrew Wilkinson

Wrt naming, adopted the naming ‘numbering’ as part of the incubation/mature/core process proposal.


It is centered around the stages of Akraino’s Incubation, Mature and Core designation.


Releases >= 1.0 (e.g., etc) are reserved for BP that have been approved as Core by the TSC (considered ‘GA’ quality).


Releases <1.0 (e.g. etc) are reserved for projects that have not reached the Akraino Core level (i.e. anything that is in Incubation (‘alpha’ quality) and Mature (‘beta’ quality).


Please refer to this page that includes the details of what was approved.


Of course these are independent to the Akraino “release” which can include BPs are any level.


They are also independent of any release numbering a product may have interpedently of Akraino.




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Over that last day’s doubts on how to address some type of identification to group changes for release on Gerrit has come to the front. One of the recommendations is the usage of Topics, which allows to have a search criterion let’s say on this case for R1.


There is already documentation at the Wiki that covers this portion, refer to Gerrit Topics at the bottom of the document on the link below:


Then for naming convention we can use simple terms as:




X = to the release version.


If there are any other suggestions for naming conventions, feel free to add.






Cesar Berho

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