Re: New Blueprint proposaled for review

Tapio Tallgren

Yes, no problem. Should we use the January 2 slot for this, although there is no TSC call that day? And would 6 AM PST/2 PM UTC be too late? We have used that timeslot earlier with presentations from China.


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Subject: RE: New Blueprint proposaled for review

Hi Tapio,

Can you schedule at the next free community call for Zhang to present this proposal first.



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Dear Colleagues,

Attached is a new proposal blueprint from Baidu, with the name of Robotaxi, for your reference. And this is a blueprint that focuses on establishing an open source MEC platform combined with AI capabilities in the autonomous driving scenario.

Listed below is the wiki link for your information:<>

May I ask for a UTC +8:00 friendly time to have a review for this BP?

Best regards.

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