[REC]Install and Test Problem.

詹子儀 Andy Chan <andychan@...>

Dear Community,


Hello there,


We expect to install REC on the server for testing (Model: ALPS-7400, Vendor: Adlink, CPU: Intel Xeon CPU). At present, when downloading the installation files, I found that there are two image files bootcd.iso and install.iso(https://nexus.akraino.org/content/repositories/images-snapshots/TA/release-1/images/latest/), which file should I use?


In addition, in the Nexus download space, we found that the install.iso file could not be downloaded or the download will be terminated when it reaches a certain level.We are a wonder that the file is exist now?


Another question is about Build 9 and Build 237,According to the following instructions(https://wiki.akraino.org/display/AK/REC+Installation+Guide#RECInstallationGuide-Pre-InstallationRequirementsforRECCluster ), we can know to Build 237 that REC has improved on Dell Server and Open Edge. What if we are not using the server that recommended by the website, can we install with REC?




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