Re: Zoom meeting schedules for the Upstream Subcommittee

Tina Tsou

Dear Jim et al,

Sorry I missed the call for one hour late. My mind sticked to the old time. Was about to join now.

Thank you,
Tina ^ ^

On Dec 11, 2019, at 8:27 AM, Jim Xu via Lists.Akraino.Org <> wrote:

Dear Members of the Akraino Upstream Subcommittee,


I think I didn’t send the updated calendar for the Subcommittee. Here is the one:

Again, we will run biweekly from Dec. 11, 8-9am PST.


I would like to invite all project leaders to dial in as well in the next meeting, especially while we are planning the 2020 tasks. This Subcommittee will help projects to bridge with external open source projects.


Best regards,


Jim Xu


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